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brain damage

Hidden Dangers of Cosmetic Surgery Result in Brain Damage

We all know that any surgical procedure is not without risk.  Unfortunately for a Georgia woman, the hidden dangers of cosmetic surgery have resulted in brain damage that has changed her life forever.  What makes…

Medical malpractice Attorney

Can Case-Sharing Reduce Preventable Medical Errors?

Over the past few years, the medical and legal communities have been searching for ways to reduce the occurrence of preventable medical errors.  An April 2018 article published on MedPage Today suggests that case-sharing may…

medical malpractice case

Medical Malpractice Case Challenges WI State Damage Caps

A Wisconsin medical malpractice case is challenging state damage caps and highlighting the restrictive nature of caps as the state Supreme Court battles over the amount a jury awarded the victim.  The case has received…

Paralysis case, nursing home abuse lawyers

Paralysis Case in Georgia Results In $18 Million Reward

A Georgia court has awarded $18 million in a paralysis case related to medical malpractice.  The award will go a long way toward covering medical expenses and ongoing care required by the patient, who is now…

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