Coronavirus Lawsuits (COVID-19) at

Coronavirus Lawsuits (COVID-19) at

As medical malpractice lawyers, most of our cases involve medical negligence and nursing home negligence. We evaluate what medical providers should have done and hold them accountable for medical errors that hurt patients and residents.  The COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic is unlike anything we have ever dealt with.  We know that healthcare providers are doing their best to help patients and residents. Given the unprecedented circumstances surrounding COVID-19, we believe that, under the circumstances, assuming good-faith efforts to treat, that we can neither prove a breach of the standard of care nor causation. We do not believe that there is a true standard of care in light of the uniqueness of this situation.  Therefore, we will not be accepting cases where the healthcare provider acted in good faith.

In short, we are all in this together and we support healthcare providers who are putting their lives on the line to help the most ill and most vulnerable among us.

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