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Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Dallas

Families Need to Know What Constitutes Nursing Home Abuse

At Brown, Christie & Green, our nursing home abuse lawyer in Dallas understands that entrusting a loved one’s care to the staff and administration at a nursing home carries with it certain non-negotiable expectations of the quality of care to which the resident is entitled.  Proper nutrition, clean living conditions, proper medical care, and respectful treatment top the list of expectations that should never be compromised.

Is it worth it to contact a nursing home abuse lawyer in Dallas if you find that a facility fails to meet your expectations in one of these areas?  Yes!  Absolutely!

Talk to a nursing home abuse lawyer to discuss what exactly constitutes abuse.  There are many caregiver actions or inactions that could indicate abuse or neglect.

Every nursing home resident should be treated within the standards of care.  If you have questions or concerns about your loved one’s care, contact Brown, Christie & Green.  Our nursing home abuse lawyer in Dallas is familiar with the fine line between preferences not being met and neglect that is truly abuse.  We can answer your questions, address your concerns, and help ensure that your loved one’s legal rights are being upheld.

Nursing Home Resident Rights in Texas
  • Being treated with dignity and respect.
  • Confidentiality of personal and medical records.
  • Access to appropriate medical and pharmaceutical care.
  • Freedom from physical, mental, or verbal abuse.
  • Access to social activities inside and outside the facility.
  • Freedom from discrimination.

State and federal laws, standards, and regulations protect nursing home residents by outlining what is expected of nursing homes.

What Nursing Homes are Expected to Provide for Residents

If you have a loved one living in a nursing home, you have certain expectations about what is provided. Nursing homes should provide fundamental care that is in accordance with accepted standards, regulations, and the needs of each resident.  This includes:

Proper Nutrition

Proper nutrition is so important for a nursing home resident.  Many residents will experience a sudden and noticeable decrease in quality of life without proper nourishment and hydration since their overall health is generally poor.  Any signs of malnutrition or dehydration should be taken seriously.  Get medical attention first, then investigate the reasons why malnutrition or dehydration occurred.

Proper Medical Care

Likewise proper medical care is crucial to the well-being of a nursing home resident.  It is likely the reason they require a nursing home at all.  Immobile residents must be turned and repositioned to prevent bedsores.  Medication must be administered correctly and on time.  Physical therapy and exercise must be encouraged and observed.  Health deficiencies could indicate serious problems with the nursing home’s administration, staffing, or ability to provide quality medical care.

Clean and Sanitary Environment

Cleanliness and respectful treatment can be harder to define because personal tastes will vary (we all know that pack-rat in the family).  However, there are certain red flags to keep in mind.  A nursing home resident’s bedding and living area should always be fresh and sanitary, and should be free from any spills, vermin, or dangerous clutter.  If on multiple visits you have found your loved one sleeping in soiled sheets, this is likely the norm, is abuse, and should not be tolerated.

Being Treated with Respect and Dignity

As for respectful treatment, every nursing home resident has a right to be treated with dignity and respect. That includes being treated with dignity and respect in terms of who they are, their preferences, their religion, and their privacy.  Be on the lookout for any complaints from your loved one about name-calling, discrimination, or degrading treatment from the staff or other residents.  Caring for the elderly is not a job for everyone, and these complaints can sometimes point to a pattern of abuse.

Getting Help when Expectations are Not Met

If you are concerned that the expectations that you or a loved one have about a nursing home are not being met, or that your loved one is being abused or neglected in any way – take action immediately.  Contact Brown, Christie & Green to speak with our nursing home abuse lawyer in Dallas about the standards of care, and when unmet expectations are a sign of abuse or neglect.

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