Professional Life and Practice

As the Senior Case Manager at Brown, Christie & Green, Shannon Carlson is a first line of communication for clients.  Shannon speaks with potential clients about their situation, reviews case facts and medical records, determines what legal actions may apply, and works with attorneys and staff to meet the clients litigation needs.  This is a role that Shannon takes very seriously.  She is dedicated to helping potential clients understand that our law firm is dedicated to helping them get the justice they deserve.

Shannon has a background in healthcare, having previously worked in home health and in an outpatient surgical setting.  This experience helps her communicate effectively with our medical malpractice attorneys and their clients.  She is also adept at managing emergent situations with confidence and resolve.  Her patience and compassion are consistently complimented by our clients.

Personal Life

Shannon attended the University of Texas where she obtained her prerequisites before moving on to the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio.  Here, she obtained her Bachelor of Science degree.  Shannon worked in the healthcare sector for about 17 years prior to working for BC&G.  Her education and experience combined provide her a unique perspective on healthcare, nursing homes, and caring for ill or disabled individuals.

In her personal life, Shannon is passionate about love.  She enjoys spending time with family and friends, and volunteers at Friends for Life, a no-kill animal shelter.  One of Shannon’s biggest accomplishments is her role as a mother.  She has a vibrant spirit and sense of humor that makes her instantly likable.  Shannon enjoys spending time outdoors, traveling, hiking, and camping.