What our clients have to say

This is just the being of us working with each other, but so far I am impressed with the amount of compassion shown by the individuals I have been in contact with.

Thanks for accepting my case after this doctor causes me to go into a comma he decides not to see me when he caused the problem.

Very pleased with the quality of service and response time.

Brown &Brothers. Care about not just there self but think about there clients and what they going through God bless bless all you guys’ll

Excellent, kind and caring. In this trying time for my family I can’t thank you enough for the attention towards my matter you’ve given. Absolutely top notch… and it makes my family feel good that you care. Thanks so much!

thank you for keeping me informed about our case through every step. I appreciate your attention to detail and professionalism in dealing with our case. I would highly recommend your firm to friends and family.

After speaking with Shannon, I have a sense of peace going into this situation. All my questions were answered and her compassion was very genuine. It is nice to work with a large firm that has the compassion along with the professionalism.

So far the only person I have had contact with is Shannon. She has been wonderful.

I believe you are doing a very comparable job. It has not taken as long as I expected to go through the process and I really appreciate that. Even though I have lost my husband, I don’t believe anything could have been done to make it more bearable. Mary has been there when I needed her and that helps more than you know. I don’t like the thought of suing anyone, but I felt it necessary, given the circumstances. My life has been totally changed; I miss Roy very much.

Shannon McDonald is professional , thorough, empathetic and efficient…quite an asset.

Bringing a lawsuit does not replace my family member. I doubt if the other party even feels guilty. This is a business transaction. A life reduced to dollars and cents. The state is not going to close the facility that committed such poor care to a patient. I hope to not wind up in a facility in my dotage.

My brothers and I are very pleased with the services we have received from Brown & Brothers. We know that every case is different and we understand that everything does not go according to plan. Not to leave anyone out but with the professional and heart felt advising from a great person and lawyer Mary Green we feel we could not have chosen a better company in our time of need. We were not sure how long the process would take and it has taken a few years but Mary has kept us informed very well of every step. She is a great asset to your company. Many thanks from Dallas!!

Just visited with Shannon last week so I’m in the very beginning stages a case but am pleased with Shannon’s help/guidance so far…..

Initial review of documents to determine if the firm was willing to take my case was completed within the two weeks time frame as indicated by Shannon McDonald.

You guys did an excellent job regarding the settlement for my mom’s case. It really wasn’t about the money but it was to let the nursing homes know that you have loved ones in their facility and should to the best of their knowledge provide quality care for them. I would highly recommend your group to any one that has to file a lawsuit for their loved ones.

Kristina Frankel and Josh Lyles were so helpful through the mediation process. A very trying time for us to say the least. THANK YOU.

First Law firm that tried to offer to help me I feel like Shannon is very nice and kind I hope that you guys will take on my case thank you

5 stars.

Adam Looney did a great job and all the BW&B staff handeled this case very professionally. Will be happy if they release the settlement check sooner than what they said.

First contact with Shannon was amazing. She was thorough and helpful all of the time. When the case was assigned to Adam, he too was fantastic. I am extremely pleased with the level of service and attention Adam gave to me during the course of my case and settlement.

The service from the firm has been excellent!!! Shannon has been delightful to work with.

Great job, I believe that your team are experts in the work that you provide and that you will do that which is right and justified for the sake of our loved one. Thank you in advance from the family.


Shannon listens very well and was very clear in communicating with us. She has made me feel comfortable with the decision I am making.

I don’t see Awesome on this star rating….
I just can not thank Sharron McDonald enough.
She is so quick and comes back with answers for my questions. She answers my e mails and phone calls right away.
She is very friendly and understanding with all that is happening. She is that warm caring voice on the other end of the phone. Thank you!

I believe everyone who worked on the case concerning my Mother was genuinely concerned with helping us. I do appreciate the effort all of the lawyers and assistants made.

Great so far. Clear expectations.

Great so far!

great communication so far i appreciate the professionalism

Shannon, thank you so much for your assistance, and helping my mom.

Shannon has been very polite, helpful and efficient thus far. Very thankful Attorney Brown took time to talk to Michelle (Joel’s sister) on the phone. Thank you very much for any and all help. It is greatly appreciated.

They just accepted my case and I am so happy. The Case manager Shannon has been thorough on getting the facts, empathetic to my concern and very professional. Thank you and continue to help those in need.

Thank you I really appreciate taking your time on the case.

Shannon has been so awesome to work with during this process, she has gotten back to me quickly whenever I have reached out to her and always had answers for my questions. Shannon has made me feel completely comfortable during this process.

Wonderful work and cooperation to resolve the issue at this difficult time

So far very well taken care of

Shannon and all the people I have encountered with your business are extremely helpful and pleasant to talk to.

Thank you Shannon for everything you are doing to help me with this very difficult situation. I appreciate your time and look forward to speaking with you again.

I have been nothing but satisfied with the prompt
responses from the time this began til present.
I meant to put a five star rating above but did not see
any numbers. Thank you for all your help

I like the timely manner in which they return your calls and emails I love the team of people that I have dealt with thus far. I would recommend this firm.

So far, it has been simple. I appreciate the option of electronic signature.

So far everything has been great.

My husband and I are extremely grateful for you prompt attention to and compassionate concern for our case..

Very Prompt response .. very helpful.
so far love to work with You .Thanks for everything in our tough time .

Your firm is actually working directly with my wife, Lynda. With that being said, I must thank you for helping us both through this difficult time. Your employee, Shannon McDonald Stein has been awesome to my wife and we both appreciate the compassion extended to us both.

We are very pleased with everything that y’all have done so far. You have kept your word on the things we went over and done , and the attorneys we have talked to so far really nice and seem dedicated to their job. We are looking forward to working with BW@B

Just getting started with a case ….anticipating a great outcome….

I’m been very pleased with the professionalism I’ve experienced dealing with Shannon.

I could not get the rating stars to work , All five should be highlighted!
I appreciate that Shannon McDonald acted promptly in servicing my needs. The contract was immediately sent out, and a follow up call was made. Quick service, and very greatly apprecited.

Working with your firm was a breeze! Your attorneys were awesome and did great work with our case. I would definitely recommend your firm to anyone. Thank you again for your time and consideration and helping us win our case.

We just got started so far so good. Thank You

I am so appreciative of your firm and your representative. when all my hopes were down your representative contacted me and gave me a ray of hope! She was very understanding, straight up and honest with me concerning my situation. But even telling me that there was no guarantee of representation until my case was reviewed gave me hope as I was already been told that it was pretty much a lost cause!

You guys were great to me. Thank you for everything you did for me

We are just in the beginning phases but so far, talking with Ms, McDonald, everything is great. I’m encouraged. Looking forward to meeting people in your office.

Shannon McDonald has been very helpful and most importantly sensitive to the issues I am currently faced with due to the sudden death of my mother. I thank her for that.

Sylvia Espinoza DeLeon

Shannon has been very helpful and pleasant to work with.

Krystal has been very kind and understanding of my inexperience with how all this works. She has explained the process and timeline. I am grateful for the firm accepting our case and listening to our concerns. This can be a trying time and I appreciate this teams efforts.

My contact with your firm so far has been Shannon McDonald and she has been wonderful! She is very professional and courteous at all times and excellent to respond when I contact her either by phone or email. We really appreciate her level of service and hope that the rest of our experience with your firm is equally professional.
Thank you Shannon and we look forward to working with you and the rest of the staff.

Cindy and Rickey Cook

Customer service is great, however, not once have I been contacted about the status of my case. Although, the times I have called I have received great service.

So far I like your way of doing things. I just spoke with Shannon on the phone, and already felt secure. I just hope we can get after this situation and attack strongly, not just for the loss of my best friend, MOM , but for the others in the care of this hospital. I want nothing more than to prove they are not following rules, and causing early graves. Thank you for possibly working to secure the safety of others. Jessica Shaw

We are very pleased how professionally our case was handled and the results.   B&B is an excellent lawfirm.

Shannon is absolutely amazing. Made me feel important  from the very first phone call. Always professional and sweet.

Very informative.  Shannon was very nice and more than willing to help me.

Shannon and Jose a pleasure to work with so far:)

Very professional and compassionate.  I appreciate Shannon taking the time to answer all my questions and provide encouragement.

We are being treated very well

Thank you for taking a look at our case

I’ve been working with this firm a little over a year and EVERYONE there has been wonderful. The past few months i’ve worked with Krystal and she has been super nice. She’s even called me on the weekend to explain things to me.

My experience with you Law Firm Houston was very good. Everything went very smooth and all your staff were very courteous and professional. The only reason I didn’t give you all five stars was because I believe the percentage was a bit higher than I expected.

My experience with Brown & Brothers has greatly exceeded my expectations.  Not only has each member of the team been professional, but compassionate, informative and efficient while dealing with my family.   My sincere thanks go to Robert Wharton, Andrea Zarikian, Cindy Young and Krystle Lamb.  Filing a lawsuit is an emotional and stressful series of events…thankfully Robert’s team anticipated questions and provided answers with ease of expertise.  Again, thanks for a job well done!

Shannon has been a pleasure to speak with.

It was a pleasure to meet Mr. Wharton during that snowy afternoon mediation. His enthusiasm and dedication were much appreciated.

This was one of the most difficult times in my life.  Charles and his team were there for me and helped me understand every step of the process.  Absolutely the best.

I am so thankful for the attorneys at Brown & Brothers.  I don’t know what we would have done without them.

I was treated with care and concern by the attorneys and staff at Brown & Brothers. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for help.

They won our case and are a top notch law firm.

I would highly recommend Charles and the rest of the team at Brown & Brothers. They were very courteous, sensitive to the issue and genuinely cared about my family.