Can a Bad Surgery Cause Paralysis?

Have you or someone you know been left paralyzed after surgery? Have you sought medical advice but now want to seek compensation for the financial costs you have been left with?

We trust medical professionals to meet a certain standard of care when operating on and treating our loved ones. When they fail to meet that standard and it harms ourselves or the ones we love, it can be scary, expensive, and life-changing.

What Is Paralysis After Surgery?

Paralysis, quadriplegia, tetraplegia, and paraplegia all refer to the immobility to move one or more parts of the body brought on by the negligence of a surgeon who may have damaged your spine or central nervous system by making a mistake during surgery. The slightest mistake by any member of the hospital medical team to this sensitive part of the body could leave a person paralyzed. Any damage caused to the brain or spinal cord can be irreversible and affect one muscle or the whole body. Don’t delay in contacting our office today to speak with one of our highly competent attorneys about your potential medical malpractice paralysis case.

Common Types Of Paralysis

As outlined above, paralysis can affect different parts of the body and be a result of various types of surgery. The following is not an exclusive list of the types of surgery that can cause someone to become paralyzed:

  • leg paralysis after back surgery
  • leg paralysis after childbirth
  • arm paralysis after brain surgery

  • lower limb paralysis after spinal fusion surgery

Symptoms of Paralysis After Surgery

Paralysis can affect the whole body or just one part of the body. When it affects one part of the body then this is known as being localized. Paralysis can also be complete – where there is no feeling in the body – or partial, where there is still some sensation felt. Some of the symptoms include:

  • changes to the skin and nails

  • painful cramps

  • muscle weakness

  • twitching muscles

  • hypersensitivity

  • complete loss of feeling

Seek Help from an Experienced Attorney for Your Paralysis Claim

Brown & Brothers will not take a cent from you until we have successfully recovered your money. So if we are not able to recover compensation on your behalf, you owe nothing.

How Our Medical Malpractice Lawyers Can Help You

Brown & Brothers are qualified in the field of medical malpractice lawsuits. We know that after medical advice, you will need sound legal advice to help you in making decisions on how best to win compensation that will cover the financial damages you have incurred. If you have been paralyzed after surgery, then look no further than the talented and respected team at Brown & Brothers.

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