At Brown, Christie & Green, our medical malpractice attorneys are well aware of the devastation that defective medical products can have on unsuspecting patients.  That is why we believe that sharing the latest Dräger ventilator battery recall is so important.  When medical products malfunction or are defective, their purpose in promoting health and safety can have the opposite effect and even be life threatening.

Dräger Ventilator Battery

Dräger Ventilator Battery Recall Information

In September 2017, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a Class I recall for Dräger Evita V500 and Babylog VN500 ventilator battery power supply devices.  According to the FDA report, the Dräger ventilator battery recall was issued after discovering a software issue with the PS500 battery power supply software, which can cause the ventilator to shutdown unexpectedly.  Further, the software issue prevents the ventilator from sounding the five-minute warning alarm that the battery is getting low.

The PS500 battery power supplies are distributed widely across the United States, with an estimated 2,422 units included in the recall.  These products are designed for breathing support for adults and children, including premature infants.  The ventilators are used in hospitals, and also for transporting patients.  Healthcare providers using the PS500 battery supply should immediately contact Dräger to find out how to repair or replace the defective product.  Dräger also reportedly is providing users with troubleshooting tools in the meantime.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys Warn of Patient Dangers

Medical devices like the Dräger ventilator battery are designed for use in patients considered to be in critical condition, or who require oxygen assistance in order to survive.  The FDA warns that the unexpected PS500 shutdown could result in sudden oxygen deprivation resulting in serious injury, including brain injuries, or death.  It is important that healthcare providers stay abreast of current recalls and take the necessary steps to protect their patients.

Protecting Your Legal Rights

Just as product manufacturers are required to report defects and malfunctions and take appropriate action to protect consumers, healthcare providers are required to provide their patients with the best care possible.  This includes maintaining equipment and ceasing to use defective or recalled equipment if possible.  If a healthcare provider fails to address a defective product and the patient is injured, he or she may be able to take legal action.

If you have been injured by a defective medical product like the Dräger ventilator battery, and you believe that your injuries could have been prevented, contact Brown, Christie & Green to schedule a free consultation.  Our medical malpractice attorneys can help you determine the best options for protecting your legal rights.  Complete our online form to get started.

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