What are Bedsores?

A serious bedsore is defined as a Stage III or Stage IV bedsore. These wounds are extremely painful to live with and are often life-threatening due to the fact that they expose the insides of the body to serious infections.

In almost every situation, the development of a Stage III or Stage IV bedsore that occurs in a hospital, nursing home, or other healthcare environment, is a result of negligence. They are caused when someone who needs assistance is not properly cleaned, they are left in the same body position for days, or are not adequately fed or hydrated.

Brown & Brothers helps by representing the families of victims of bedsores in their efforts to hold the nursing home or hospital accountable. By holding the perpetrator accountable, we are able to ensure that this sort of neglect does not happen to others, as well as help provide the victim’s family with the compensation they need to provide more sufficient care for their loved one moving forward.

Types of Bedsore Cases We Handle

We handle serious bedsore cases that occur in a healthcare setting, such as:

Case Types We Handle By Location On Body

  • Sacral Bedsore (‘Bedsore on the Sacrum’)
  • Bedsore on Coccyx
  • Bedsores on the Back (or lower back)
  • Bedsores on the Tailbone
  • Bedsore on the Buttocks
  • Bedsores Near the Anus
  • Bedsores on the Ears

Case Types We Handle By Healthcare Setting

  • Nursing Home
  • Hospital
  • Assisted Living Community
  • Wound-Care Facility
  • Rehabilitation Center
  • Skilled Nursing Facility
  • Hospice Care Provider
  • Other Healthcare Setting

How Bedsore Lawsuits Improve Care For Others

No amount of money will ever compensate your loved one for the pain and suffering that they have endured, nor will it compensate you for what you witnessed as the bedsore progressed. We believe, however, that the most effective way to ensure that this neglect is not repeated in the future is to hold the nursing home, rehabilitation facility, or hospital that allowed this to happen responsible. By forcing them to take responsibility for what they did,  you can better ensure that the wrongdoer will take serious steps to ensure this does not happen again.

Related Case Types We Handle

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