While no dollar amount can ever totally make up for permanent injury or death suffered by individuals who have encountered medical negligence, medical malpractice payouts attempt to compensate these individuals in the best way possible.

How Does Texas Stack Up?

Total medical malpractice payments decreased slightly nationwide in 2016, while total payments in Texas increased substantially over the same period.

The Diederich Healthcare’s 2017 Medical Malpractice Payout Analysis reports that the U.S. total payout amount of more than $3.8 billion was a 2.54% decrease from 2015, ending a three-year advance. In Texas, the total malpractice payment was more than $90.5 million, up 14.65% from 2015. This payout equates to $3.25 for every individual living in the state.

2016 National Medical Malpractice Payouts Statistics

National statistics which Diederich Healthcare collected and compiled from the National Practitioner Data Bank give additional insight into the scope of medical malpractice payouts:

  • 34% of the payment amounts were due to diagnosis allegations, 24% were due to surgery allegations, and 18% were due to treatment allegations.
  • 31% of the national payout was for cases which resulted in patient death, 18% resulted in significant permanent injury and 17% resulted in major permanent injury.
  • Average payment for various severe outcomes was more than $1.1 million for quadriplegic, brain damage, or life care; more than $622,000 for major permanent injury; and more than $450,000 for significant permanent injury. The average payment for cases where death occurred was approximately $386,000.
  • Total payment for inpatient cases was just slightly higher than for outpatient cases.
  • 53% of payout nationally went to men.
  • The highest payout amounts were paid to individuals in the 50 to 59 age group.

Medical malpractice payouts can encompass a number of factors. Most obvious are economic issues such as past, present, and future medical costs, as well as past, present, and future loss of income. In addition, payouts can include non-economic factors such as pain and suffering.

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