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What to Do After Experiencing Medical Malpractice

If you let it, one doctor’s mistake could sour the rest of your life. Don’t let that be your family’s story. At Brown, Christie & Green, our Lewisville medical malpractice attorneys can help you hold the medical provider responsible for the pain you have suffered. Take charge of your family’s future by putting our attorneys to work for you.

Victim of a Medical or Surgical Error?

An injury caused by a medical or surgical error can be devastating, or even deadly. Many medical conditions have unforeseeable complications, sometimes treatments are unsuccessful, and sometimes medications don’t work as intended. This does not always mean that malpractice has occurred. To be considered a viable malpractice case, a patient must have suffered injury due to an error that deviated from the standard of care.

If you suffered unexpected and painful complications or outcomes after seeking medical care, speak with our Lewisville medical malpractice attorneys to determine if your experience was medical malpractice. There is no obligation when you call to schedule your free consultation.

If you think you have a malpractice claim, call sooner rather than later. Time limits exist to file your case. Don’t lose your chance to recover the compensation you deserve after a healthcare provider’s mistake changes your life.

Work with Lewisville Medical Malpractice Attorneys Who Win Cases

When you file a medical malpractice claim, you can be assured that the medical professionals named in the case will have a team of lawyers to defend against your claim. That is why you need attorneys with proven results on your side. You need the Lewisville medical malpractice attorneys at Brown, Christie & Green.

Our team of dedicated legal professionals will collect every important record of your treatment – from your initial diagnosis and throughout treatment. Our attorneys will interview each medical professional who had a hand in your treatment and suffering. Once we have a clear picture of the malpractice you suffered, we will seek the opinion of expert physician witnesses to bolster your claim of your provider’s irresponsible actions. If we can’t reach a settlement for you with the at-fault party, we will take your case to trial.

To ease the financial burden medical malpractice causes, we will seek to recover damages for:

  • Medical bills – Past, present, and future medical bills for your malpractice injury should not be your responsibility
  • Lost income – If you lost wages due to your injury and can expect to lose income in the future, you should have that income replaced.
  • Additional treatments or devices – If your injuries were so severe as to require lengthy or assisted recovery and the use of medical devices, we will seek to recover the costs of that treatment as well.
  • Pain and suffering – The physical and mental torment you experienced cannot be ignored.

Speak to our Lewisville medical malpractice attorneys if your family is suffering because of any type of medical malpractice. Call us now to schedule your free consultation at 800-600-4210. You can also send us a secure message via our online form.

Examples of Surgery-Related Medical Malpractice
  • Delayed Surgery
  • Operating on the Wrong Patient
  • Operating on the Wrong Part of the Body
  • Anesthesia Errors
  • Leaving Surgical Objects Inside the Patient
  • Inadequate Infection Control
  • Bowel Perforation

Most people cannot imagine being harmed by medical malpractice. Sadly, there is no way to predict when, where, or how it will occur.

What are Common Complications of Surgery?

Surgery is an intrinsically risky treatment. Doctors make a careful risk/benefit analysis and determine if the benefit to the patient is worth, not only the pain and trauma of the surgical procedure itself, but is also worth the risk of complications that may occur after surgery.

The following are some common complications after surgery. The Lewisville medical malpractice attorneys at Brown, Christie & Green remind readers, however, that it is important to remember all patients will experience the discomfort and after effects of surgery in a unique way.


Shock is usually caused by low blood pressure, but its symptoms occur because the blood is not traveling through the body as it should. It is very dangerous. After surgery, shock may occur due to massive internal bleeding after a stitch tears or an organ ruptures.


Hemorrhage is another word for bleeding. Significant bleeding after surgery can cause shock, internal bleeding, and blood loss, and may require a blood transfusion.


Virtually all surgeries involve the creation of a wound on the skin. An opening in the skin is an entry point for infection. Postoperative infections are dangerous because the recent internal trauma to the body makes it easy for the infection to spread to other organs or to anywhere in the body if the infection gets in the bloodstream.

Without proper prevention, diagnosis, and treatment infection can also result in sepsis, which is a dangerous and life-threatening bodily response to a serious infection.

Blood Clots

Postoperative patients are prone to blood clots, especially to clots which form in blood vessels deep within the body. These types of clots are quite large and can break free and clog an artery causing a stroke or heart failure. They can also migrate to the lungs, heart, or brain, causing life-threatening emergencies. Treatment of postoperative blood clots can involve additional corrective surgery.

Anesthesia Reactions

Some patients can have allergic reactions to the anesthesia used for surgery. The reactions can cause liver toxicity and may mean a patient’s treatment will be delayed because surgery is not a wise option. Some patients also have medical conditions that increase the risks of anesthesia. It is important that patients under any type of anesthesia are monitored carefully.

Getting Help after a Surgical Error

Responsible and diligent medical professionals know to monitor patients for common complications. Diligent medical professionals know that prompt treatment is essential to a full recovery. If you or someone you love has experienced delayed treatment, a surgical complication, or a medical error during treatment, call now to schedule your free consultation.

Call Brown, Christie & Green at 800-600-4210. You can also request a consultation via our secure online form.


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