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If you or a loved one entered a hospital or nursing home without pressure ulcers, it is unacceptable that a pressure ulcer should develop under professional care. Pressure ulcers can be prevented by healthcare providers following standardized guidelines. Development of ulcers is often a sign of healthcare negligence. You should contact a Laredo pressure ulcer attorney as soon as you notice a developing ulcer.

When Should I Call a Pressure Ulcer Attorney?

If you or a loved one developed a pressure ulcer, a Laredo pressure ulcer attorney can evaluate treatment history to determine if you have an actionable claim against the facility. It is important to act quickly in protecting your legal rights.

Why It is Important to Act Fast

Though pressure ulcers are slow and painful in forming, once they reach a certain stage, they must be treated surgically in almost every case. Before the treatment options dwindle and become very expensive, every attempt must be made to restore healthy blood flow to the skin and heal any open wounds. Pressure ulcers do not heal on their own until the underlying cause has been addressed.

Immobile patients must not be allowed to languish in the same position hour after hour and day after day. The practice of repositioning and turning these patients is a basic expectation of their care.

There are urgent reasons to seek immediate medical attention if you suspect the formation of pressure ulcers, but there are also compelling legal reasons to act as quickly as possible when you suspect healthcare negligence.

The bottom line is that pressure ulcers should never occur. When they do, it is a safe assumption your loved one is not the only victim of this sad kind of neglect. The faster you act to remove your loved one from harm’s way, the faster the individual or institutional culprit can be identified and brought to justice.

Getting Help with Pressure Ulcer Claims

Sadly, some victims of pressure ulcers may not even be aware of their condition because of decreased sensation or paralysis. Unable to feel the discomfort, they may be unaware of their injuries. Healthcare providers and caregivers in long-term care facilities are responsible for making sure that pressure ulcers do not develop, regardless of whether or not a patient can communicate their own discomfort.

Contact our office to speak to a Laredo pressure ulcer attorney if you or someone you love has developed a pressure ulcer under the care of a professional facility. There is no excuse for neglect of this kind. You may have a legal claim for compensation for healthcare costs as well as pain and suffering.

Request a free consultation with the Laredo pressure ulcer attorney at Brown, Christie & Green today and take a stand against healthcare negligence.

Pressure Ulcer Standards of Care
  • Reposition patients at least once every two hours
  • Conduct routine skin assessments
  • Keep skin clean, dry, and moisturized
  • Ensure patient has adequate nutrition and hydration
  • Ensure patient clothing and linens are clean and dry

Following the standards of care prevents pressure ulcers. It is incredibly sad that healthcare facilities are allowing negligent behavior to continue at the expense of patients.

Tips for Recognizing Developing Pressure Ulcers

If you are concerned that you or a loved one might be developing a pressure ulcer, it is important to get medical attention as soon as possible. In the meantime, there are some things you can to do to assess the situation. Here are some tips for recognizing a developing pressure ulcer.

  • Know the first signs – The first obvious sign of a pressure ulcer developing is inflammation to a particular area of skin. The skin may be red, and will feel warm to the touch.
  • Test the skin – When you press on a red area of skin and it turns white, that is called blanching. Do a blanch test on the suspect area of skin by applying light pressure for a few seconds. If the skin stays white, that indicates that blood flow has already been interrupted, and an ulcer may be forming.

Things to Remember

  • Individuals with darker skin may not experience blanching, even in healthy skin. Look for other signs of an ulcer, such as color changes, or changes in hardness around the area.
  • If you suspect an ulcer, take pressure off of that area. If after 10-30 minutes color has not returned to normal, it is time to get immediate medical attention.
  • Remember that pressure ulcers primarily affect skin and tissue below the surface. By the time a wound is obvious on the skin, there may already be significant damage to underlying structures.
  • Without proper diagnosis and treatment, a pressure ulcer can quickly escalate from irritation to a staged wound, or even beyond.

If you suspect that a pressure ulcer is developing, get medical attention as soon as possible. Early recognition, diagnosis, and treatment is the best way to prevent ulcers from progressing, and complications like infection or sepsis from emerging.

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