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Hidalgo County Medical Malpractice Attorney

Legal Guidance for Victims of Medical Malpractice

No one wants to be in a position to look for a medical malpractice attorney. Doing so usually means you or someone you love is suffering. To make the best of a trying situation, contact Brown, Christie & Green. Our Hidalgo County medical malpractice attorney understands what you are going through. We will treat your case with, not only expertise and professionalism, but also with compassion.

How Do I Know if I Need an Attorney?

If you have an injury due to the care of a healthcare professional, of course you want answers. It’s certainly understandable to be unsure of whether you should take legal action. The answer is just a phone call away.

There are far fewer medical malpractice lawsuits than there are incidents of medical malpractice every year. Don’t lose your chance to hold the responsible party accountable for your pain.

When you call Brown, Christie & Green, you will have the opportunity to speak to a Hidalgo County medical malpractice attorney directly. Our attorney will help you understand your situation and determine if medical malpractice occurred. If so, you will be guided on your next best steps toward holding the responsible party accountable.

Your initial consultation is free and confidential. Consequently, there is no risk or obligation when you call, so don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation.

Defining Medical Malpractice

Malpractice is another word for negligence. The term “malpractice” is the legal term for the negligence or irresponsible actions of highly trained professionals like doctors, pharmacists, or nurses.

A medical professional’s actions are malpractice when they fail to provide the standard of care. The standard of care is a medically-accepted standard of the kind of care patients must receive given their history and symptoms. These standards, though constantly evolving, are well known within the medical community. They are also well known to our Hidalgo County medical malpractice attorney.

Common Medical Malpractice Cases

Every patient’s experience is unique, but experienced medical malpractice attorneys see similar case trends year after year. The most common medical malpractice incidents include:

  • Diagnosis ErrorsMisdiagnosis is the incorrect diagnosis of a patient’s condition. Delayed diagnosis is the unreasonable delay in the identification of a patient’s status. Sometimes these errors occur together and jointly contribute to a patient’s harm. In other cases, no diagnosis is made, though there is a medical condition present.
  • Surgical Errors – From the straightforward mistakes of a surgeon using an improper technique to administrative errors and ignored protocols, surgical errors are disturbingly common. Many surgical errors involve retained objects, or surgical items left inside the patient’s body.
  • Birth Injury – Many birth injuries are also diagnostic failures, but this term specifically applies to injury to a newborn baby. The majority of birth injuries, however, are caused by oxygen deprivation or physical trauma during delivery.
  • Medication Errors – Both simple and devastating, medication errors occur with frightening regularity. These injuries include mistakes in dosage and use of a medication inappropriate for a patient’s condition or allergies.

Talk to a Hidalgo County Medical Malpractice Attorney

Medical malpractice law is most certainly intricate and can be perplexing if you think you may have a case. However, there is no reason to wonder if you should take legal action. The Hidalgo County medical malpractice attorney at Brown, Christie & Green can help you find answers. Call our office today at 800-600-4210, or fill out our online form to get started.

What Can a Hidalgo County Medical Malpractice Attorney Help Me With?
  • Gathering Evidence
  • Interviewing Witnesses
  • Communicating with Insurance Companies
  • Negotiating a Settlement
  • Defending Your Rights at Trial

All healthcare professionals are aware of the standards of care. Violating these standards is medical malpractice and is never acceptable.

Hospital Grades in Hidalgo County

Not all hospitals provide the same level of care. Some are world-renowned research centers and hubs of medical innovation. In contrast, some are small hospitals barely keeping the lights on.

The Leapfrog Group is a nonprofit organization that publishes data on hospital safety. The group calculates a letter grade for most hospitals that rates how safe they are for patients. Here’s how hospitals in Hidalgo County stack up.

Among the 32% of American hospitals to earn an A are:

  • McAllen Medical Center
  • Edinburg Regional Medical Center
  • Mission Regional Medical Center

Joining the 26% of hospitals with a B are:

  • Knapp Medical Center
  • Rio Grande Regional Hospital
  • Doctors Hospital at Renaissance

Areas for Improvement in Hidalgo County Hospitals

Despite overall high grades, some of the ways Hidalgo County hospitals failed to measure up were:

  • Treatment, specifically isolation, of MRSA patients
  • Preventing blood infections from central lines
  • Environmental sanitation before and after surgeries
  • Regularly maintain urinary catheters

In each of these areas, Hidalgo County hospitals had considerably more incidents of adverse events than in safer hospitals.

The way in which local hospitals show exemplary safety is in management of C. Diff infections. Overall, the hospital with the highest safety grade in Hidaldo County is Edinburg Regional Medical Center.

Hospitals have a responsibility to contain and minimize hospital-acquired infections. If you or someone you love is suffering an infection or injury after treatment at a Hidalgo County hospital, talk to the Hidalgo County medical malpractice attorney at Brown, Christie & Green. Learn more about your legal rights and options options.

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