Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer
Legal Guidance for Families Affected by Nursing Home Abuse in Beaumont

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Beaumont

Compassionate Guidance for Families Concerned about Nursing Home Abuse

If someone you love lives in a nursing home, nursing home abuse is probably an unwelcome worry in the back of your mind. It is worthwhile to take the time to familiarize yourself with the signs and indications of nursing home abuse so that, if the occasion ever arises, you will know when you need to call a nursing home abuse lawyer in Beaumont.

Identifying the signs of nursing home abuse

  • Unexpected or sudden weight loss – If your loved one loses considerable weight after moving into the nursing home, they could be malnourished. Speak with the physician in the nursing home right away if you notice rapid weight loss to rule out medical conditions before suspecting abuse.
  • Symptoms of dehydration – Dry mouth, absence of sweat or tears, sunken eyes, and frequent headaches are all signs that your loved one’s hydration needs have been neglected.
  • Open wounds on the tailbone or heels – These are the two places that bedsores form most frequently. Patients who are at risk of bedsores have a right to be treated with preventative care.
  • Sudden withdrawn or agitated behavior – Of particular concern among nursing home patients with dementia, the new and sudden tendency to lash out, or a complete withdrawal, can be a sign of an abusive environment.
  • Unexplained injuries – The administration at the nursing home should be able to offer a verifiable explanation for any injuries residents suffer. If there is no record of the injury, the victim may be suffering physical or sexual abuse.
  • New or suddenly more profound disorientation – Unexpected bouts of zoned-out behavior can be a sign that unscrupulous caregivers have been using antipsychotics inappropriately on the resident.
  • Financial Exploitation – Unpaid bills, unexplained new accounts, and missing cash or valuables can be signs of financial exploitation by nursing home staff.

Do these signs of abuse sound familiar?  Talk to a nursing home abuse lawyer in Beaumont.

 What Happens when you Contact a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer?

When you call Brown, Christie & Green, you will be offered a free consultation with a nursing home abuse lawyer in Beaumont. Our lawyer will consult on your situation confidentially. After reviewing your loved ones experience, our nursing home abuse lawyer will be able to tell you if you have grounds to file a lawsuit. A nursing home abuse claim can hold your loved one’s abuser financially responsible for the pain they caused.

If you think someone you love is the victim of nursing home abuse, don’t wait to call. The nursing home abuse lawyer at Brown, Christie & Green is here to help. Call today at 1-800-600-4210, or complete our online contact form.

Financial Compensation Available in Nursing Home Abuse Claims
  • Medical Expenses
  • Physical Pain and Suffering
  • Mental Pain and Suffering
  • Emotional Distress
  • Punitive Damages

Contact a nursing home abuse lawyer in Beaumont as soon as possible if you are concerned about abuse or neglect.

How Safe are Nursing Homes in Beaumont?

U.S. News & World Report publishes a yearly report of the “Best Nursing Homes” in America. Their survey compares safety among categories like fire safety, health inspection performance, quality of care, and nurse staffing ratio. The survey includes facilities all over the country. There are more than a dozen nursing homes in the Beaumont area, some of which are safer than others.

The Safest Nursing Homes Aren’t that Safe

Unfortunately, the two highest rated nursing homes in Beaumont could only manage rankings of “Worse than Average.”

Clairmont Beaumont

  • Received an overall rating of “Worse than Average,” and a rating of “Average” for its short-stay rehabilitation services.
  • The facility ranked “Average” in all categories except nurse-to-patient ratio, in which it ranked “Worse than Average.”
  • It is a large facility with 148 beds
  • Accepts both Medicare and Medicaid

Beaumont Nursing and Rehabilitation

  • Has an overall rating of “Worse than Average”
  • In most of the safety categories, this facility ranked “Average” or “Better than Average,” but its “Worse than Average” rating in the nurse-to-patient ratio drastically lowered the overall score.
  • It is a medium facility with 120 beds
  • It has for-profit, corporate ownership
  • Accepts both Medicare and Medicaid

Most Dangerous Nursing Home in Beaumont

Of the four nursing homes in the city of Beaumont rated by U.S. News, Spring Creek Nursing and Rehabilitation LP had the lowest score with an overall rating of “Worse than Average”. Though the nominally safest nursing homes around Beaumont are also ranked “Worse than Average,” this facility is lowest in the rankings because of the egregious nature of its safety failures as evidenced by the high fine it incurred.

  • This facility has paid one federal fine for health and safety violations in the last three years in the astronomical amount of $31,051. This is an enormous sum for a single fine, which indicates the violation for which it was levied was a severe one.
  • The facility had almost twice as many fire safety violations in 2017 than both the state and national averages.
  • It is a medium facility with 98 beds
  • It has for-profit, corporate ownership
  • Accepts both Medicare and Medicaid

Get Help with Concerns about Nursing Home Abuse in Beaumont

If you or someone you love has suffered injury or illness because of unsafe conditions in a nursing home in or around Beaumont, call Brown, Christie, and Green. Our nursing home abuse lawyer in Beaumont will carefully review your concerns and situation. We will help you determine if abuse or neglect is occurring.

If you have an actionable claim, we will certainly help you fight for the rights of your family and get the justice you deserve. Call us today to schedule a free consultation at 1-800-600-4210.



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