Florida Facilities Shut Down for Assisted Living Abuse

Several Ocala, Florida homes that were being illegally run as assisted living facilities were shut down this month after investigations revealed severe instances of assisted living abuse.

According to reports, Marion County sheriffs closed down a total of four assisted living homes that were being operated illegally by Mary Anderson and Tara Collins Johnson. Residents living at the homes complained of constant verbal and physical abuse at the hands of both Anderson and Johnson, a mother and daughter.

Don Grimm, the manager in charge of assisting the residents with food and medicine, stated he didn’t see any problems, but he did hear the residents complain of abuse:

“There was but to my knowledge they’re pretty much taken care of,” said Grim.

Per Marion County deputies, at least 12 elderly citizens were living in the facilities and were without access to food and drink. Investigations revealed that cupboards and the refrigerators in the homes were locked up with padlocks.

According to Detective Clinton of the Marion County police, each resident paid monthly expenses, depending on the amount they made:

“Every person’s rent was different depending on the amount of money they made. They were left with maybe $50 a month to live on after all their money was taken from them,” said Detective Clinton.

Both Anderson and Johnson are being held at the Marion County jail. Detectives are still investigating the abuse. Some residents are refusing to speak out, which is usual for victims of verbal and physical abuse.

Assisted living abuse is a growing problem in Florida. Previously this year, the Hillendale Home in New Port Richey, Florida was closed permanently after violating a plethora of federal and state for the past few years.

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