Nuedexta Fall Rates

Nuedexta is a drug prescribed off label to many nursing home residents.  Research studies investigate the relation between patients in the nursing homes and nuedexta fall rates.

“As a lawyer who sees countless nursing home fall cases, I am concerned that the pharmaceutical industry is making money by pushing drugs that can increase the likelihood of an elderly person falling.”  said Charles Brown, a lawyer with Brown, Christie & Green who handles nursing home abuse and fall cases.

A recent article by CNN, raises questions about the growth rate of the use of this particular drug in nursing homes and the investigates the relation to nuedexta fall rates for patients.

Why Nuedexta’s Use in Nursing Homes Raises Questions

The FDA has approved Neudexta for the treatment of a rare disorder that causes uncontrolled laughing or crying.  However, the number of Neudexta prescriptions in nursing homes seems to be far beyond what would be expected for the nursing home population.  “The growth rate for the prescribing of this drug certainly raises questions about whether or not the drug is being prescribed to help patients or to help the bank account of the physicians prescribing the drug.” says Mr. Brown.

Lawsuit Over Nuedexta For Nursing Home Falls

An online search did not uncover any current lawsuits against Avanir, the company that makes and markets Nuedexta.  But the finding contained in the CNN article that Neudexta doubles the risk of falls suggests that maybe there should be.

“When we look at pharmaceutical cases, one important criteria for the lawsuit is whether there is a doubling of the risk of harm.  Assuming that the study that CNN quoted is accurate, if a person were taking this drug and fell, that person or their family may have a claim against Avanir.  It is something that we will be looking into.”  says Mr. Brown.

Falls are one of the most serious events that can happen to an elderly person. With more new prescriptions, Nuedexta fall rates will need to be closely monitored.  The idea that this drug could be doubling the risk of that event is a serious question that needs to be answered.

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